Welcome to Varde Myra!

Welcome to Varde Myra, the leading manufacturer of storage buildings pet shelters, metal garages and more.

Since 1999, we have gained the trust and built our reputation in the structure industry. We specialize in structures to fit the needs of our clients. We aim to provide the community with durability, quality, and reliable products that require low maintenance to protect their significant assets.

Varde Myra’s structures have known to be the most dependable in the industry. Our structures as composed of quality materials and metals for optimal support and a heavy-duty material for water-resistances and flame retardant. We also offer options for variable conditions that include high winds, snowfall, floods, earthquakes and more.


Our shelter

Our shelter systems also provide a unique design that makes installation, disassembly, and medication fast and easy. We aim to make the structures efficient enough to allow all tasks to be achieved by both experts and untrained laborers.


Our buildings

Our buildings are built to be utilized for both permanent and temporary uses as we aim to provide the perfect alternative to huge costs and lengthy processes. Our structures can be used without permanent foundations that save not only time but also money to build a new foundation.

Here at Varde Myra, we understand the needs and specifications of structures that may change depending on the industry and utilization. That is why we are proud to offer only the best of the quality of our systems.

For more information, please contact us today. We are proud to offer outstanding customer service to give you the best experience.

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